Top 100 !!

January 2013 - New year launch like a rocket, hi-speed without turbulence... 'Speed Tunnel' has reached TOP 100 in Windows Phone market! Now, with increasing speed, we aim new target: TOP 10!!

Prototype of new game!

September 2012 - prototype of our new comming soon game, which was announced in August, is now ready. It's going to be 3D physic racing game. Read more and watch video here

Comming Soon!

August 2012 - We start to work on our new game. For now each detail is know only to us. Tip one's hand, 3D physic based game.

iOS and Android

Junly 2012 - Thats enough with WP7 for a while, now the time has come to spread our great GLS games to the other markets! We start to port our games for iPhone and Android. Watch it before you go back to shool!

Speed Tunnel travels to Russia

March 2012 - Our game is also know in Russia, here

Speed Tunnel released!

February 2012 - Soon there is going to be end of the world, obviously, nothing is infinite except 'Speed Tunnel', our new 3D, hi-speed, tunnel based game. Check it.

Next publications on the horizon!

October 2011 - We start work on new game. This time our publication will sharp adrenaline centers (hopefully) ;)